Jersey Italian Gravy

Coming soon a true homemade pasta gravy like you remember as a kid growing up. You don’t have to be from NJ to enjoy this great tradition captured in a jar.

Riscossa Pasta

over 60 cuts of pasta available including straight, short, soup, and egg noodle nests. Reasonable retail prices which make it the ideal every day pasta for every home chef or casual cook.

The Brownstone Sauces

Straight from the kitchens of the famous north Jersey landmark The Brownstone finally came out with their pasta sauces for the public to enjoy. Marinara, Tomato and Basil, and of course their signature Vodka Sauce.

Hoboken Eddies

Over 16 varieties of marinades and BBQ sauces for meats, fish, poultry and vegetables. Catchy names and great packaging in flask style glass jars they have great eye appeal and shelf presence.

Manhattan Special

For over 100 years this famous espresso coffee soda has never been matched in quality by any other company. Found in specialty stores and some select supermarkets throughout NJ and NY in 10 oz single serve bottles or 28 oz re-sealable ones. Also in flavored sodas such as orange, sarsaparilla, vanilla-cream, cherry and gassosa (lemon-lime). Old fashioned style for sure.

Biscotti Bros

A wonderful selection of traditionally made biscotti (twice baked) and pizzelle. Two types of biscotti also are dipped in chocolate and another twist made with whole grains which they call Granotti, it’s like eating a granola bar and biscotti together.

Bel Gioioso Cheese

One of the finest cheese companies here in the USA and smack in the heart of Wisconsin where our best cheese is produced. An entire line of cheese in pre-cut wedges ready for retail sale and also grated, shredded, and shaved cheeses in pre-packaged deli cups. Also fresh products such as Burrata and Mozzarella that can be made to order.

Balocco Cookies

A great line of packaged cookies imported from Italy. Balocco is one of the better confection companies well known throughout Europe and the rest of the world. From wafers to butter cookies to holiday panettone they have it all.

San Benedetto

Italian mineral waters and Iced Teas which once you try you will never want another iced tea beverage again.

Giuseppe Cocco Pasta

A true artisan pasta cut from bronze dyes in Italy. This pasta is made fresh then carefully dried for export throughout the world. The texture and consistency is unsurpassed compared to any other brand on the market.


Balsamic vinegar reductions which they call their Blaze line includes original, fig, strawberry, white balsamic, truffle and so many more. Also high quality true Balsamic Vinegars identified of their quality by the “leaf system” from 1 leaf to 4 leaf coming in different packaging and styles of bottles.

Mastro Cured Meats

This Canadian based company has taken prosciutto and mortadella to a whole different level. They also produce a line of cured salami and regional small styles soppresattas.

Daniele Cured Meats

A domestic company that you’d swear was still curing meats in Italy the way it’s always meant to be done. Prosciutto, salami, mortadella, soppresatta and much more both for slicing and individual sale.


Who doesn’t know the famous Baci Chocolate and so many more great chocolates and candies they produce. An entire line of chocolate bars for all year round sale plus counter displays making it one of the best impulse items to sell. Special holiday packaging that changes in style from year to year.


The premier coffee of Italy. Over 10 varieties on the retail level from Robusto to Arabica beans and several blends of both.

Illy Coffee

High end and the highest quality of Italian coffee found in whole beans and ground with the distinctive silver tin.

Café Kimbo

The Italian coffee that targets and pleases all palates. Distinguished well within their line of colored cans from decaf to gold quality and also brick packs.

San Pelligrino

World renowned sparkling water and beverages from the Italian Alps and the most popular bottled water throughout the world.

Grande Cheese

Known best for their mozzarella “pizza cheese” in whole milk and part-skim, but also a line of Fior-di-Latte (fresh mozzarella), mozzarella curd, provolones, and other cheese shipped fresh every week from Wisconsin.


One of the oldest brands of canned tomatoes and the original crushed tomato known as “Kitchen Ready.” Along with that a great line of Italian specialties including tuna fish, clam sauce, and breadcrumbs.


Arguably the most well known brands of Imported Provolone and Imported Genuine Pecorino Romano both produced in the century old traditions in Italy.

Madre Sicilia

One of the oldest brands of Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil which to this day still has an incredible following for those seeking quality.


A tremendous line of imported tuna fish packed in olive oil or water in both glass jars and tins. Also with Jalapeños, Oregano, and Ventresca which is the belly of the tuna and the finest cut.


The Italian confection company that still makes the famous Amaretti Cookie individually wrapped & packaged in their traditional tin or box. A long history of this cookie and the story behind it all is explained on the packaging. Ignite the wrapper and see what happens!

Agostina Recca

A great producer of anchovy and sardine products from Sicily. Flat, rolled, with hot pepper, marinated, or packed in salt. All the old fashioned ways but with modern packaging and manufacturing.