Born and raised in Santo Mauro, Sicily, Vincenzo Farinella emigrated to the United States of America in the early 1900′s. It was during the summer of 1936 when Vincenzo decided to start importing San Marzano Tomatoes to fill the demands of the many Italian immigrants who had settled in northern New Jersey. He carefully selected a product name that not only would represent superior quality, but could also stand the test of time. Vincenzo chose La Fede (The Faith).

With those delicious Italian tomatoes packaged in a dazzling, blue 35oz can Vincenzo knew that he had a winning product. When his three sons Mauro, Giuseppe, and Don all came of age, he put them right to work. Together the Farinella family built the foundation of what would become a successful business and a strong brand in the food industry.

In 1979, the Farinella‚Äôs decided to sell their family business to the three brothers of Cannillo’s Italian Food Center, a prominent retail outlet store located in West New York, New Jersey. It didn’t take long for the young Cannillo brothers Savino, Emilio and Giuseppe to realize that retail stores all over New Jersey were demanding the La Fede brand. The Cannillo brothers expanded the La Fede product line by adding pickled peppers, marinated eggplants, lupini beans, olive oils and much more.

With all of these new products, La Fede quickly became a household brand name in every Italian store they served. As time went on they decided to employ their sons Paul, Mike and Jim – all Cannillo’s – who helped bring their distribution business up to the next level. Other popular Italian companies that were looking for importers, like Perugina-San Pellegrino-Aurricchio all became a part of their business, and it didn’t take long for the word to spread “If it’s quality and made in Italy, Cannillo’s imports it.”

Today the four Cannillo’s Joe, Paul, Mike, and Jim along with a superior staff of employees bring you the La Fede line to stores across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Our Pledge

We pledge to bring you quality products along with superior service. Our success is built on the attention we give to both the customers we serve, and the products we sell. We have a long history of wholesaling La Fede brand products to major and independent stores. We understand retailing, and know what it takes to make the La Fede name a success in every store.